Mold-Making Silicone

RTV630 is a two-component mold-making silicone that cures at room temperature to a high strength rubber. This blue RTV is supplied in a matched kit of base (A) component and curing agent (B) component, designed for use with a convenient 10:1 ratio by weight.

This liquid silicone is ideal for mold-making because the catalyzed compound is moderately pourable (viscosity of 150,000 cps) and will form thin, light-weight molds with excellent durability. The high tear resistance and innate release capability of RTV630 rubber compound make it well suited to the manufacturing of intricate castings, reproducing each part in exact detail.

Other typical applications for RTV630 silicone rubber compound include the creation of prototype parts, production tools for casting epoxies, and rubber rolls. Those who seek a tough potting compound that can protect electrical circuits from vibration will find RTV630 unbeatable.

For a clear version use RTV12 or RTV615. For high temperature silicones, use RTV60 or RTV88.

We also offer epoxy and urethane potting compounds.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient 10:1 mixing ratio for use in automatic or hand-operated dispensing equipment
  • Best silicone for mold-making
  • Good self-leveling characteristics allow precision reproduction of fine model details
  • Solvent-free
  • Long working time at room temperature permits potting or reproduction of larger parts
  • Cure rate can be accelerated with heat
  • May be cured in deep sections
  • May be cured in closed assemblies
  • No cure by-products
  • Low shrinkage
MG # Momentive # Min QTY 1 Cost 2 (USD) Min QTY 2 Cost 2 (USD) Min QTY 3 Cost 3 (USD)

Safety Data Sheet