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Electronics Maintenance

MG Chemicals’ line of electronics maintenance cleaners comprise a full range of products that meet cleaning requirements specific to the electronics industry. A great tool for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) shops, these cleaners are effective against soils and contaminants common in MRO electronics. Whether you need to clean PCBs prior to applying conformal coatings, remove oxides on electrical contacts, or restore an aging rubber platen, MG Chemicals’ line of MRO maintenance products has you covered.


Air DusterFormulated to deliver a high rate of compressed gas to safely and effectively remove microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles.

Alcohol Wipes – Pre-saturated with either 99.9% or 70% IPA, these wipes are made of durable, tear-resistant materials that make cleaning areas quick and easy. Multiple package options available for your convenience.

Dry Wipes – Fabricated with Absorbent, tear-resistant material, dry wipes are great for quickly cleaning spills leaving surfaces clean and dry.

Cleaning Brushes – Multiple bristle and handle types available for cleaning that requires light scrubbing.

Cleaning Swabs – Use cleaning swabs to scrub away dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places, available in a variety sizes, shapes, and material.

Isopropyl Alcohol – A universal cleaner available in either 99.9% or 70% concentration for cleaning hard surfaces such as PCBs and screens.

Contact Cleaners – Restores and rejuvenate contacts, connectors and controls that have become corroded and worn out over time. Available as a lubricant for switches and relays or fast-dry system for non-moving parts.

Electronics Cleaners – Available in a variety of drying times, cleaning strengths and packaging, electronic cleaners are perfect either for prepping boards for conformal coating or cleaning post solder. This class of cleaners is effective against common contaminants such as oil, flux, fingerprints, and grease.

Specialized Cleaners – Cleaners formulated with a specific application in mind such as rejuvenating rubber, removing label adhesive or glass cleaning.

Freeze Sprays – Compressed non-reactive refrigerant that delivers a short burst of chilled air, as low as -50 °C (-60 °F), to prevent overheating.  They are non-flammable, non-conductive, moisture free, and zero residue, providing a safe method of quickly cooling individual components or entire PCB’s in circuit board repair applications.