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RTV Silicone Potting Compounds

MG Chemicals is an authorized master distributor for Momentive RTV silicone products. These silicone rubbers are electrical potting products that offer enhanced thermal protection compared to conventional chemistries, with operating temperatures of up to 200°C. Due to their elasticity and low moduli, silicone potting compounds are also ideal materials for potting delicate surface mount devices, because their use mitigates damage from thermal expansion and contraction. With excellent resistance to moisture and weathering, UV silicones are suited for outdoor lighting, transportation, and aerospace applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Low modulus
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low shrinkage
  • Excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance
  • UL94 V-0 grades available
  • Thermally conductive options available


  • PCB potting in aerospace applications susceptible to extreme temperature changes
  • IP protection
  • Potting delicate SMDs-like regulators
  • Vibration protection in heavy duty equipment

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RTV11 – White, low viscosity, general purpose two-component silicone rubber compound. Ideal for mold making.
RTV12 – Clear low viscosity two-component silicone potting compound that cures at room temperature to a soft pliable rubber. Meets UL94 HB.
RTV60 – Red, pourable, high temperature resistance two-component silicone rubber compound.
RTV88 – Red, spreadable, paste-like, high temperature resistance two-component silicone rubber compound.
RTV615 – Clear, two-component, fast curing, flowable silicone rubber. Room temperature cure.
RTV630 – Blue, moderately flowable, two-component silicone rubber. Room temperature cure. Ideal for mold-making and the manufacturing of intricate castings. 

Please note the products listed above are stocked items and represent only a small portion of all available RTV silicones. For more options please click the link below to our RTV Pricing page. For lead times, please contact [email protected].

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