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Soldering Supplies

MG Chemicals offers a complete line of soldering supplies and soldering accessories for all your soldering needs. We provide an extensive variety of both leaded and non-leaded solder alloys, available in multiple wire gauges and various flux core chemistries. Complimenting our solder wire selection is a complete portfolio of soldering accessories, including desoldering braids for reworking and repair, fluxes for improved solder wetting, flux removers for cleaning, solder masks for selective soldering and coating, tip tinners for extending solder iron use, and solder pastes for wave soldering.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a small-scale operator designing a prototype, or a large-scale manufacturer, MG Chemicals’ soldering supplies have all your needs covered.

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Desoldering Braids – Fabricated with oxide-free copper and tight weaving, these braids remove solder deposits quickly and cleanly for rework and repair.

Flux Pens – Multiple flux types packaged in convenient pens that allow high precision application for smaller repairs.

Flux Removers – With multiple cleaning strengths available, our flux removers eliminate stubborn residues ensuring your board is clean and will not short.

Solder Mask – A 1-part latex that cures quickly to mask off areas of your PCB you want to remain intact and free of materials like coating or flux. After processing, simply peel the latex away for nice clean lines.

Solder Pastes – Solder pastes offer flexibility over solder wires in terms of application methods, such as automatic dispensing and stenciling, which facilitate higher throughput. Our solder pastes are available in both leaded and non-leaded options.

Solder Wire – Available in a variety of chemistries, flux types and sizes. Browse our solder wire catalogue to find the right product for your application.

Soldering Flux – Available in both liquid and paste formats, our flux comes in a variety of chemistries such as rosin activated, no-clean and water soluble. Our solder flux offers exceptional adhesion to copper and prevents oxidation of circuit traces.

Tip Tinner – SAC305 powder that is applied periodically to solder iron tips to extend their lifetime, by preventing oxidation and ensuring proper heat flow. 

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