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Grease for Electronics

MG Chemicals’ Greases and Lubricants are formulated to lubricate and insulate electronics components from corrosion caused by high humidity, accidental spills and high salt environments, preventing unit breakdowns.

Our comprehensive line of greases and lubricants is designed to address the many needs of the electronic components industry, and offers conductive greases to improve electrical and thermal conductivity, dielectric greases to protect against moisture, corrosion and arcing, thermal greases formulated to bond uneven surfaces and dissipate heat, and high performance lubricants.

Our specialty high performance greases and lubricants are designed to protect, optimize performance, and increase the longevity of electronics components.

Dielectric GreaseDielectric grease is a hydrophobic paste that is electrically insulating. Its purpose is two-fold. Firstly, it prevents moisture ingression that could potentially either short or corrode the circuit. Secondly, its high electrical resistance prevents arcing and subsequent circuit failure.

Electrically Conductive GreaseLoaded with conductive filler, these greases are an easy way to repair damaged electrical connections. Whether contacts have become corroded, or wear and tear prevents a snug fit, our electrical greases fill gaps in irregular surfaces to facilitate smooth, reliable current flow.

Lubricating GreasePut simply, this grease reduces friction between moving parts, such as gears, pulleys and hinges, reducing wear.

Thermal PasteAn alternative to adhesives, thermal pads and gap fillers, thermal paste creates a non-permanent bond between heat-generating components and heat sinks. Use these greases to prevent overheating of laptops and gaming consoles.

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