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Potting Compounds

MG Chemicals has formulated a series of high-quality potting compounds and encapsulation resins for the electronics industry. Our product line comprises an expansive range of chemistries including epoxy, silicone and polyurethane. These materials add mechanical strength to assembly housings, fill large voids, insulate components from static discharge, and protect against exposure to chemicals, humidity, and salt water.

Our highly diversified electrical potting compound portfolio includes special features such as flame retardancy, thermal conductivity, optical clarity, and modulus options ranging from gel to highly rigid. These products provide a complete barrier that protects sensitive electronics from harsh environments.

The choice of which potting resin to use comes down to substrate type, environmental exposure and processing considerations, plus any additional factors. Please browse our product line and consult with our technical support team to find the right product for your application.

Epoxy Potting Compounds – 1 and 2-part systems that cure to a tough, durable finish. Epoxies offer premium ruggedization and are unmatched for their chemical resistance and shock protection.

Silicone Potting CompoundsCompared with other potting materials, silicone offers premium latitude in operating temperatures ranging from -60 °C to 200 °C with short durations (~30 minutes) up to 260 °C without loss of adhesion. Their low modulus also makes them a premiere choice when encapsulating delicate surface mount components.

Urethane Potting Compounds – Polyurethanes offer superior protection against water ingression for submersion applications and retain elasticity at very low temperatures. 

Dispensing Tools and Accessories – Dispensing guns and mixing tips that ensure complete and accurate mixing every time.

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