8618 - Ultra Thermal Paste, 6 W/(m·K)

8618 silicone-free thermal grease is a heat sink paste with very high thermal conductivity and exceptional wetting properties. The thixotropic consistency helps ensure the paste conforms to the intricate geometry at the component/heatsink interface while avoiding bleed and pump out common with other pastes. 8618 has a wide operating temperature range, making it a practical solution where high heat dissipation and thermal cycling stability are needed. Once applied, circuits can be powered up immediately offering exceptional convenience.

This thermal paste is most often used as a gap filler on heatsinks to CPUs, LEDs, and other electronic components. Its high thermal conductivity makes it ideal for energy-intensive devices like thermal sensors, IGBTs, thermal wells and power resistors.

The paste’s soft consistency allows easy compression to achieve thin bond lines, minimizing thermal resistance.

For applications demanding lower thermal conductivity, we have the 8617A, 8616 and 860. We also have a full line of thermally conductive adhesives which provide a permanent bond and thermal gels which offer tack adhesion where a low modulus material is needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity of 6 W/(m·K)
  • 1-component compound
  • Silicone-free, will not contaminate surfaces
  • Wide operating temperature, ideal for aggressive thermal cycling conditions
  • Low bond line thickness
Part # Net Vol. Net Wt. Packaging Unboxing
8618-3ML 3 mL 6.21 g Syringe
8618-10ML 10 mL 20.7 g Syringe
8618-85ML 85 mL 175 g Tube
8618-300ML 300 mL 621 g Cartridge
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