Greases for Electronics Solutions

Greases for Electronics Solutions

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the use of specialty greases in modern electronics and the solutions MG Chemicals has to offer. Specifically, we’ll look at when to properly use lubricating, dielectric, thermal and electrically conductive grease for solving problems related to improving electrical and thermal conductivity, protection against moisture, corrosion...

RTV Silicones Webinar

RTV Silicone Solutions

MG Chemicals is the authorized master distributor for Momentive RTV silicone products. In this webinar, we’ll learn our Momentive RTV silicone potting and adhesive portfolio. Specifically, we’ll review 1 and 2-part silicones, the advantages of using silicone over other resins and the different specialty grades available including high temperature, low-outgassing,...

Adhesives & Bonding Webinar

Adhesives and Bonding Solutions

This webinar will address the following key topics: - Fundamental principles affecting bonding and adhesion - Thermally conductive adhesives in modern circuitry - Electrically conductive adhesives as solder replacement - MG Chemicals adhesive portfolio and the solutions they offer

Conformal Coatings Webinar

Conformal Coating Solutions

During this live webinar, we discuss why to use conformal Coatings, industry standards, MG Chemical Solutions, how to choose the right coating, and, applications & resources. Presented by Michael Strong – Research and Development March 25th, 2021

EMI RFI Webinar

EMI/RFI Protection Solutions

During this live webinar, we discuss Basics of EMI Shielding, MG Chemicals Solutions, How to choose the right product, Applications & Resources.