839 – Super Shield Graphite Conductive Paint

839 is an economical acrylic paint that uses a graphite filler to create conductive, static-free surfaces. This anti-static material reduces low-frequency EMI/RFI. It cures to a smooth, durable finish and is resistant to abrasion, oxidation, and extreme thermal cycling, making it a suitable choice for outdoor use. It is a general-use conductor to provide low-cost EMI/RFI shielding. It can be used where it is necessary to impart conductivity on common plastic surfaces and drywall, making it suitable for shielding entire rooms against low frequencies.

We also offer a more effective silver-coated copper version, a water-based version for use on wood or drywall, and an epoxy-based alternative for use on metal or glass. Before applying this product to plastic, clean the surface with IPA.

Features & Benefits

  • High conductivity—low surface resistivity
  • Tough and durable coating, salt spray tested with excellent weatherability
  • Repairable and removable
  • Stronger adhesion than water-based coatings
  • Corrosion-proof—slows or prevents substrate oxidation
  • Rub off resistant
Part # Net Vol. Net Wt. Packaging Unboxing
839-1G 3.60 L 3.58 kg Can
839-5G 18.9 L 18.8 kg Pail

Safety Data Sheet