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Conductive Pens

These conductive pens dispense conductive paint pigmented with either carbon, nickel, or silver. Each pigment provides a different resistivity, making each pen suitable for different applications. The valve-tip opens when pressed against a drawing surface and the flow is controlled by squeezing the barrel. These pens are designed for use on smooth, flat, hard surfaces; however, the cured traces have excellent flexibility.

All three conductive paint pens are commonly used as circuit board trace repair pens; however, they are also highly useful in prototyping applications.

The conductive paints contained in these pens are also available in liquid and aerosol formats.

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of carbon, nickel, or silver pigments
  • Typical trace width: 1.5 – 2 mm
  • Tack-free in minutes
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics
  • Toluene and xylene free


  • Repairing keyboards, remote controls, and game controllers
  • Repairing circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Prototyping electronic circuits
  • Touching up EMI / RFI shielding

838AR-P – Carbon Conductive Pen – Best for low voltage repairs such as keyboards, game controllers, or remote controls. Useful for drawing jumpers and resistors.

841AR-P – Nickel Conductive Pen – Draws and repairs short traces on PCBs. Useful for making short connections on circuits such as jumpers, through-holes, bridges, and links.

842AR-P – Silver Conductive Pen – Draws and repairs traces on PBCs and mixing boards. Creates conductive traces for prototyping, hobbies, or maker projects.