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Conductive Spray Paint

These electrically conductive spray paints for plastic are mostly used as shielding spray paint to prevent electromagnetic interference from penetrating electronics enclosures. They are also used as electroplating spray paint to provide a conductive undercoat in plating applications, as a grounding spray, and to create ESD-safe surfaces. Aerosol packaging allows low volume users to achieve professional quality results without resorting to expensive spray equipment and is convenient for field repairs.

These conductive paints consist of a solvent-based acrylic binder pigmented with either carbon, nickel, silver-coated copper, silver, or ESD-safe pigments. Our acrylic system is flexible, smooth, and durable. It is easy to use and dries quickly at room temperature. The choice of pigments affects the price and performance of the product.  As one moves from carbon to nickel to silver-coated copper to silver, both the price and quality of performance increase. All pigments except silver-coated copper display exceptional corrosion resistance.

These products are also available in liquid and conductive pen formats. If you are looking for a non-conductive protective spray coating, check out our conformal coatings.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient aerosol packaging
  • Four conductive pigments to choose from
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics
  • Fast-dry
  • HAPS-free


838AR-340G – Total Ground Carbon Conductive Spray Paint – Carbon paint for RFI shielding, grounding, and creating electrical contacts. Offers superior corrosion resistance. Useful in some electroplating applications where low conductivity is acceptable.

842AR-140G – Super Shield Silver Conductive Spray Paint – Silver conductive coating for EMI-shielding plastic enclosures in convenient aerosol spray packaging.

841AR-340G – Super Shield Nickel Conductive Spray Paint – Nickel paint for broad spectrum EMI / RFI shielding. Offers excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for many electroplating operations.

843AR-340G – Super Shield Silver Coating Copper Conductive Spray Paint – Copper paint for cost effective EMI shielding.

844AR-340G – ESD-Safe Spray Paint – Static dissipative paint that provides permanent ESD protection for plastic surfaces.