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Cleaning Brushes

MG Chemicals line of electronics maintenance products includes cleaning brushes that will enhance the application of your cleaner, and remove loose debris that chemical cleaners alone cannot. Available with premium grade stainless steel, brass, horse hair or hog hair bristles and with wood, stainless steel, cad plated steel or tin handles. Choose from abrasive, non-abrasive or anti-static versions, depending on your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable
  • Secured bristles eliminate bristle loss and contamination
  • Robust handles


  • Printed circuit board rework and cleanup
  • Male and female connectors
  • Electronics equipment
  • Electronics repair
  • Electrical cleaning
  • Soldering
  • Plant maintenance

850 – Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush

  • A heavy-duty brush with stainless steel bristles and a wooden handle, great for cleaning soldering iron tips, cutting corrosion, and surface preparation.

851 – Brass Cleaning Brush

  • A triple-row heavy-duty toothbrush-style brass cleaning brush with brass steel bristles and a long plywood handle. Great for removing oxides and corrosion from male and female connector ends, burnishing without removing base metal, and cleaning soldering iron tips.

852 – Hog Hair Brush

  • A triple-row toothbrush-style hog hair brush for scratching surfaces and general cleaning. Made of natural stiff hog hair bristles, with a long plywood handle. A great soldering tool that can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications. It is excellent for removing flux and for general clean up. Can be used dry or wet. Works well with sticky or crusty materials.

855 – Horse Hair Cleaning Brush

  • A small, inexpensive, high precision general cleaning horse hair brush with natural horse hair bristles and a sturdy tin handle. Soft, durable bristle brush that works well for dusting, cleaning with fluids, and general cleanup. Brushes are tested for bristle resistance for the most rigorous tasks.

856 – Double Ended Horse Hair Cleaning Brush

  • A double ended cleaning brush made of short natural horse hair bristles and a cad plated steel handle. Its short bristles make it ideal for heavy duty scrubbing. One end is chiseled to clean hard-to-reach or tight corners and the other is straight for precision cleaning and coating.

857 – Chisel Hog Hair Cleaning Brush

  • A hog hair brush with a short vertical plywood handle. Can be used dry or wet. Excellent for removing flux and general cleanup.

859 – Horse Hair Cleaning Brush

  • A general cleaning brush with natural soft horse hair bristles and a wooden handle. Excellent for delicate cleaning tasks.

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