In Focus Episode 4: 8463A Silver Grease

This In Focus video highlights our new 8463A silver grease. This grease offers superior conductivity over conventional carbon greases yet is highly economical compared to most silver greases.

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2 thoughts on “In Focus Episode 4: 8463A Silver Grease

  1. Allan Kirk says:

    I want to ask you about your 408A Rubber Renew.. I bought some to rejuvenate my automobile weatherstripping but reading about it see it restore stackiness. Great for belts and rollers; not good for weatherstripping. How is your 408C different and do you know of an alternative that restores flexability without tackiness? Thanks

    • MG Chemicals says:

      The rubber renue will not render weatherstripping tacky, it swells the pores of the rubber so any embedded dirt that has hardened over the years is removed and it can return to its original softness. We say tackiness because the softer rubber once renewed has better contact and suction to surfaces, not stickiness. You can use either the 408A or 408C and it should work fine.

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