In Focus

In Focus 8462

In Focus Episode 9: 8462 Dielectric Grease

Our ninth video in our In Focus series looks at our 8462 dielectric grease. This grease is perfect for keeping water and other corrosive elements away from electronic parts and preventing electrical arcing. In the video, we demonstrate common applications with tips on what not to do.

In Focus IPA Wipes

In Focus Episode 8: IPA Wipes

Our eighth video in our In Focus series looks at our IPA wipes. These wipes are made of tough cloth materials saturated with either 99.9% or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Recommended for cleaning surfaces of oils, dust, dirt and greases.

In Focus 8331D

In Focus Episode 7: 8331D Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Our seventh video in our In Focus series looks at the 8331D electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. Here, we demonstrate its efficiency to carry current along fabricated electrical traces. Contact our Technical Support at to discuss your needs today.

In Focus 8463A

In Focus Episode 4: 8463A Silver Grease

This In Focus video highlights our new 8463A silver grease. This grease offers superior conductivity over conventional carbon greases yet is highly economical compared to most silver greases.

In Focus 4200UV

4200UV Conformal Coating

This brief video highlights some of the main features and benefits of MG 4200UV conformal coating.