8702 - Threadlocker, Blue, Medium Strength




The 8702 Threadlocker, Medium Strength, Removable has an anaerobic formulation designed to secure and seal fasteners. It prevents loosening caused by vibrations, shock, expansion and contraction.

Applications & Usages

The 8702 is used to secure and seal hydraulic line fittings, housing screws, machinery keys, and many types of nuts and bolts.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets MIL S-46163, Type II, Grade N
  • Low toxicity
  • One drop prevents loosening and ensures a secure hold
  • Prevent corrosion, seal threads, improve torque control, and reduce galling
  • Reduces friction allowing controlled torque during assembly
Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
8702-10ML 10 mL (0.33 oz) Bottle

Technical Documents

Technical Datasheet (TDS) -

Safety Data Sheet