8463 - Silver Conductive Grease




8463 is a silver-filled, silicone-based contact grease that greatly improves electrical and thermal connections under screw-type pressure. It is an ideal grease for electrical connections that lubricates, reduces contact resistance, repels moisture, inhibits corrosion, and prevents static buildup.

Use 8463 when you need a conductive lubricant that combines superior electrical contact with environmental protection. This silver conductive grease is excellent for ground connections, rotating connections, rotary switches, variable capacitors, roller inductors, roller bearings, slip rings, slide connectors and potentiometers.

For an economical carbon-filled version try 846. For a non-silicone electrically conductive grease, try our 8481 or 847.

We also offer thermally conductive greases, dielectric greases, and lubricating greases.

Features & Benefits

  • Silver-filled – greatly reduces electrical and thermal resistance
  • Improves electrical connections between irregular and pitted surfaces
  • Prevents arching, pitting, hotspots and welds
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Reduces mechanical wear
  • Broad service temperature range of -50 to 200 °C (-58 to 392 °F)
Part # Net Vol. Net Wt. Packaging Unboxing
8463-7G 3.0 mL 7.0 g Syringe

Technical Documents

Technical Datasheet (TDS) -

Safety Data Sheet