4225 - Epoxy Conformal Coating

4225 is a 2-part epoxy protective coating that conforms to a durable, tough, semi-flexible coating with an excellent finish. It protects against harsh chemicals, humidity, corrosion, oil, dirt, thermal shock, and abrasion. It also prevents high-voltage arcing, short circuits, and static discharges.

This circuit board epoxy coating is a promising choice where extreme physical and chemical resistance are required.

For a UL 746E-certified acrylic conformal coating, visit 419E.

For a silicone/acrylic hybrid conformal coating, check out our 422C.

We also offer polyurethane (4223F), and UV-curable (4200UV) conformal coatings.

Features & Benefits

  • 2:1 mix ratio
  • Ready to spray
  • Certified IPC-CC-830C
  • Inspection under UV light
  • Thin coating application – can be coated as thin as 0.5 mil
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Catalog Number Sizes Available Format
4225-1.35L 1.35 L (1.42 qt) 2 Can Kit
4225-10.8L 10.8 L (2.85 qt) 3 Can Kit
4225-60L 60 L (15.8 gal) 3 Pail Kit
4225-540L 540 L (142 gal) 3 Drum Kit

Safety Data Sheet

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