842ER - Silver Epoxy Paint

This 2-part silver epoxy paint is a smooth, flexible conductive coating that provides excellent electrical conductivity at a low film thickness. It maintains flexibility at low temperatures, provides exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, and provides excellent environmental stability. It may be applied by brush or spray.

Silver epoxy paint may be used to provide high frequency EMI shielding to components and devices in aerospace and military applications. It is also suitable for large volume board-level or package-level EMI shielding applications, where it can replace traditional metal lid, reducing cost, board thickness, and mass.

For board and package level operations we offer a 1-part urethane alternative. For less demanding applications we also offer silver paint in convenient 1-part water-based or acrylic-based versions, including an aerosol format, plus a more economical silver-coated copper conductive epoxy paint.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior EMI shielding
  • Ambient and elevated temperature cure
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Stable under extreme environmental conditions (100 hours at 150 ˚C, 100 hours at 85 ˚C/85% R.H.)
  • Withstands wave soldering
  • MEK and HAPS free
Catalog Number Size Packaging
842ER-60ML 60 mL (2.03 fl oz) 2 Bottle kit
842ER-900ML 900 mL (30 fl oz) 2 Can kit
842ER-4.25L 4.24 L (1.12 gal) 2 Can kit
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842ER-60mL Silver Conductive Epoxy Coating Unboxing
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Safety Data Sheet


Not for Use as Architectural Coatings in Canada, California, and other States with similar VOC regulations. For Architectural Applications, use our water based conductive coatings.

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