8329TCM - Thermal Adhesive, High TC

This heatsink adhesive paste is a 2-part, 1-1 epoxy system. It is a smooth, dark grey paste that cures to form a hard, durable, thermally conductive polymer. It provides strong electrical insulation and excellent protection from humidity, salt water, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It bonds well to metals, ceramics, glass, and most plastics used in electronic assemblies.

This thermal adhesive paste is most often used to attach heatsinks to CPUs, LEDs, or other heat generating electronic components. It is also suitable in many other applications that require a thermally conductive electrically insulating bond.

This compound has been formulated for high thermal conductivity. It is highly viscous and must be mixed by hand prior to application. We also offer a lower viscosity alternative (8349TFM) that is suitable for use with mixing tips.

This adhesive paste has a 45-minute working time. We also offer a faster setting alternative with a working time of only 5 minutes (8329TFM) and 20 minutes (8349TFM), a heat cure 2-part system with a 4-hour working time (8329TCS), and a heat-cure 1-part alternative with an unlimited working time (9460TC). Electrically conductive alternatives and thermal pastes are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity of 1.4 W/(m·K)
  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Working time: 45 minutes
  • Cure time: 24 hours room temperature or 1 hour at 65 °C (149 °F)
  • Provides strong electrical insulation
  • High mechanical strength
  • Strong resistance to humidity, salt water, mild bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons
Part # Net Vol. Net Wt. Packaging Unboxing
8329TCM-6ML 6 mL 14.8 g Dual Syringe
8329TCM-50ML 50 mL 121 g 2 Jar Kit

Safety Data Sheet

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