Silicone Conformal Coating FAQ

How to waterproof a drone

How to waterproof a drone

Drones are constantly exposed to moisture and humidity from atmospheric condensation, snow, rain, and dew, which may short out their various circuits and cause malfunction. Fortunately, silicone-based conformal coatings such as MG’s 422B and 422C provide an easy way to protect your drone.  By simply coating the different circuits – the flight controller, speed controllers, camera and so on – you can ensure that the drone will operate even when wet, and can continue its flights uninterrupted.

How do I protect PCBs from moisture?

It depends on the extent of exposure. If the PCB is simply exposed to ordinary atmospheric moisture or intermittent splashes, a simple and practical solution is to coat the board using a conformal product that meets any additional requirements. For applications with extended moisture exposure or complete submersion, a more aggressive technique such as encapsulation should be considered.

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