Fabricating Electric Cars for Global Formula Racing using Flame Retardant Automotive Epoxy

Automotive Epoxy

Customer Challenge:

Fabricating formula-1 style cars as part of the Formula SAE circuit is difficult due to the complex geometries of the cars along with the need to completely fireproof the design. Designers use automotive epoxy to laminate component layers and then, assemble these components together. With the competition now fully electric, using a firewall material to make the design flame retardant is required within the battery packs and any parts that separate the electric powertrain from the driver. This fireproof adhesive must not only be flame retardant but also have exceptional adhesion over a wide variety of substrates and a high modulus to limit the movement of bonded parts from shocks and impacts.   


  1. Flame retardant adhesive
  2. Strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including metal and composites
  3. Corrosion resistance and able to withstand exposure to automotive fluids
  4. High modulus to limit movement of bonded parts from shocks and impacts
  5. Electrically insulating


9200FR - Flame Retardant Structural Epoxy Adhesive

MG Chemicals’ 9200FR is a 2-part epoxy adhesive that is rated UL94 V-0 and provides exceptionally strong adhesion to metals, plastics, glass, wood, and composites. The design team was able to use this automotive epoxy glue in multiple sections of the car including bonding the batteries within the battery packs, securing aluminum layers to fire retardant laminate within the powertrain, sealing the enclosure for the tractive system, and fastening parts of the chassis together.


Automotive epoxy like the 9200FR is a popular material for electric car designers as it not only satisfies strict flammability requirements for firewalls but also provides the bond strength needed to hold parts together and ensure a smooth performance.

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