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Soldering Flux

MG Chemicals soldering flux provides high tack-force and superior wetting for both leaded and non-leaded solder alloys. The flux comes in both liquid and paste formats, and in Rosin Activated (RA), No-Clean (NC) and Water Soluble (WS) flux chemistries. Our fluxes provide exceptional adhesion to copper, and form an effective barrier against oxidation of circuit traces.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with leaded and non-leaded solder
  • No-clean options available
  • Meets J-STD-004B
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available as liquid or paste


  • General purpose soldering of PCBs, wire, cable, and semiconductors
  • Repair and rework
  • Through-hole and surface mount
  • Solder touch-ups

Liquid Flux

835Rosin-based flux

8351No-clean halogen-free flux

836LFNCLead-free no-clean flux

837LFWSLead-free water-soluble flux

Paste Flux

8341 – No-clean halogen-free flux

8342 – Rosin-based flux

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