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Solder Wire

MG Chemicals offers an extensive portfolio of solder wire designed to cover the needs of all users, from hobbyists to large manufacturers. From traditional leaded solder to more advanced alloys that melt at higher temperatures, MG Chemicals offers a wide range of flux types, gauges and package sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds J-STD-004B and J-STD-006C
  • Multiple alloys, gauge sizes and fluxes available


  • Hobbyist, prototyping and academic projects
  • Manufacturing operations of all sizes

Leaded Solders

4870-4875Sn60/Pb40 No-Clean Solder Wire

4890-4898Sn60/Pb40 RA Solder Wire

4860-4865Sn63/Pb37 No-Clean Solder Wire

4880-4888Sn63/Pb37 RA Solder Wire

Lead-Free Solders

4900SAC305 No-Clean Solder Wire

4901Sn99 No-Clean Solder Wire

49500WSSn100e Water Soluble Solder Wire

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