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Flux Pens

MG Chemicals flux pens enable convenient dispensing for high-precision application of flux for improved solder wetting. Our pens are designed to work with both leaded and non-leaded solder, providing an effective barrier against oxidation. Pens are available in Rosin Activated (RA), No-Clean (NC) and Water Soluble (WS) flux versions. These fluxes can be readily removed by our flux removers.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with leaded and non-leaded solder
  • No-clean options available
  • Meets J-STD-004B
  • RoHS compliant


  • Repairs and rework
  • Through-hole and surface mounting
  • Solder touchups

835-P – Rosin-based liquid flux with moderate activity

836-P – Halogen-free organic flux with low activity

837-P – Water soluble flux with high activity

836LFNC-P – Lead-free flux with low activity