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Specialized Cleaners

MG Chemicals offers specialized cleaners designed more towards specific end uses. These specialty formulated liquids are useful in a variety of applications like static dissipation, restoring rubber, removing adhesive and cleaning magnetic storage space.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide variety of evaporation times
  • Zero residue
  • VOC grades available
  • CARB compliant


  • Restoring rollers in printers
  • Cleaning magnetic storage space
  • Label and adhesive remover
  • Eliminating static buildup on surfaces

401B – Nu-trol Control Cleaner – A unique blend of high purity solvents and a lubricating mineral oil that is excellent for cleaning and lubricating delicate moving parts in electronics.

407D – Audio/Video Head Cleaner – Perfect for cleaning and restoring sensitive magnetic and optical read/write heads.

408C – Rubber Renue – Rejuvenates and conditions rubber.

826 – Static Off™ Antistatic Foaming Spray – Antistatic Foaming Spray with a non-drip formulation that effectively polishes surfaces and eliminates static charges with a single application.

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