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Freeze Sprays

Freeze sprays, also known as Super Colds, are aerosol cooling sprays for electronics. They are non-reactive refrigerant sprays that evaporate on contact, rapidly chilling the targeted area to as low as -50 °C (-60 °F). They are non-flammable, non-conductive, moisture free, and zero residue, providing a safe method of quickly cooling individual components or entire PCB’s in circuit board repair applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly cools electronic components to -51 C (-60F)
  • Safe for use on energized circuits
  • Non-flammable & non-conductive
  • Moisture free & Zero residue
  • VOC exempt & Ozone safe


We offer a choice of two freeze sprays:

403A Super Cold 134 – Economical general-purpose freeze spray. Suitable for most industrial and electronics applications. Contains 100% HFC-134a.

403C Super Cold HFO-1234ZE – Advanced environmentally friendly formula. Contains 100% HFO 1234ze.

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