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Contact Cleaners

During their lifespans, contacts, connectors and controls are exposed to a wide variety of contaminants, so they become corroded and wear out. This causes their connectivity to weaken and diminishes the performance of the electronics equipment they serve.

MG Chemicals’ contact cleaners are specifically formulated to clean, lubricate and protect these vital components, which restores and prolongs their conductivity and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Plastic safe
  • Convenient aerosol can packaging
  • Variable valve allows user to control rate of flow
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ozone safe


  • Cleans
  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Improves performance
  • Prolongs conductivity
  • A unique blend of high purity solvent and special lubricating oil, perfect for cleaning and lubricating moving parts in electronics
  • A very fast-drying contact cleaner that leaves a thin film of dry electronics-grade silicone which provides lubrication and prevents wear and tear, as well as a layer of protection from oxidation and the elements
  • A very fast-drying contact cleaner that leaves zero residue, and cleans connectors, contacts, circuit breakers, microprocessors, and LED and PCB components
  • A slow-drying contact cleaner that cleans, lubricates, protects, and removes stubborn residues. It also bonds to the surface of metals and is particularly effective on gold, protecting gold contacts for life. A must-have for audiophiles.
  • A slow-drying contact cleaner in a convenient pen format that adds control and precision to your cleaning process

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