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Conformal Coating Thinners

MG Chemicals’ conformal coating thinners are non-reactive diluents used to thin down conformal coatings to a sprayable viscosity. When added in the proper ratios, these thinners help ensure coatings achieve good surface coverage and film esthetic. They help avoid common coating defects like pin holes, cratering, boiling marks and orange peel. Please consult the specific conformal coating’s TDS for recommended thinner and dilution ratios.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple evaporation rates available
  • Helps ensure good coating esthetic
  • Can also be used as cleaners


  • Coating dilution for spray application
  • Cleaning PCBs and spray equipment

435 Thinner Fast drying thinner that improves adhesion to plastics

4351 Thinner 1Mild diluent with slower drying to help improve film coalescence

4352 Thinner 2Moderate drying thinner good for acrylics

4354 Thinner 4Moderate drying thinner good for PUs and alkyd coatings

Technical Documents

Conformal Coating Catalogue