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Thinners & Strippers

The 434 Acetone is a super-fast drying, VOC-exempt, and zero residue solvent.

The 4353 Thinner 3 is a moderate speed drying thinner for use with the MG Chemical’s conformal products. The thinner promotes good flow properties and suppresses blushing.

Low VOC thinner for EMI Shielding and Conformal Coating. Accelerated Drying and Very High Solvent Power.

The 4354 Thinner 4 is a slower drying thinner for use with the MG Chemical’s urethane and acrylic conformal products. The thinner has excellent solvent strength, making it a good oil and grease remover.

The 4351 Thinner 1 is a mild diluents designed for MG Chemical’s EMI/RFI shielding products.

Removes protective coatings, including epoxy, urethane, silicones, and acrylics. Also removes carbon, tar, adhesives, rubber, and some plastics.

The 4352 Thinner 2 is a moderately fast drying thinner for use with MG Chemical’s conformal products. It is compatible with film forming paint products with acrylic, alkyd, cellulose acetate butyrate, epoxy, nitrocellulose, or polyester resins.

The 8312 Conformal Coating Stripper—Liquid removes most reworkable conformal coatings. For example, the 8312 stripper readily removes thermoplastic (non-cross linked) acrylics, urethanes, and silicones based conformal coatings.