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The 4140-P Flux Remover Pen for PC Boards is a blend of ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, and ethyl acetate that is an eco-friendly, dry cleaning solvent. It has a non-corrosive and non-conductive formulation with a moderate dry time.

The 8361 Label and Adhesive Remover is formulated to effectively remove adhesive, sticker, and ink residues. It contains a pleasant odor which makes the product easy to work with.

Our 419D Overcoat Pen are solder resist coatings that are a fast drying, xylene and toluene free. The pen provides an excellent finish in multiple colors. They are ideal for high moisture environments and applications requiring easy repair and rework.

The 837-P Water Soluble Flux Pen is a neutral, water removable soldering flux. The organic activating system in 837-P has a neutral ρH at room temperature and becomes activated a soldering temperature.

Improves conductivity on all metals, reduces contact scrubbing, flammable, safe on plastics.

Excellent for repairing and modifying printed circuits and EMI / RFI shielding applications

For precision or spot application of rosin flux.

Conductive paint for repairing traces on circuit boards in a convient pen format.

The 836-P No Clean Flux Pen contains a homogenous mixture of halogen-free, low-solids organic flux. It exhibits excellent wetting and fluxing activities, and it leaves essentially no residue on the assembly after soldering.