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The 832HD 1:1 Epoxy Potting and Encapsulating Compound is a two-part, economical, flowable, electronic-grade epoxy that provides excellent physical, chemical, and electrical protection. It is very easy to use due its 1:1 mix ratio and because it is room temperature curable. In its cured state, it protects electronic assemblies against corrosion, static discharges, shocks, vibrations, and mechanical impacts. Further, it is extremely resistant harsh environments with salt water, harsh chemicals, and high humidity. Because it is opaque and extremely tough, it helps protect printed circuit board intellectual property by forming a hard to penetrate barrier.


Applications & Usages

The 832HD epoxy is used to pot or encapsulate printed circuit assemblies in a protective block. The cured epoxy improves reliability, operational range, and lengthens the life of electrical and electronic parts.


  • Non-corrosive
  • Flowable and high durability
  • Very high tensile and compressive strength
  • Easy mix ratio 1A:1B by volume
  • Protects electronics from moisture, humidity, corrosion, fungus, and static discharges
  • Free of solvents
Catalog Number Size Format
832HD-25ML 25 mL (0.8 fl oz) Dual Cartridge
832HD-50ML 50 mL (1.6 fl oz) Dual Cartridge
832HD-400ML 400 mL (13.5 fl oz) Dual Cartridge
832HD-7.4L 7.4 L (1.9 gal) Can
832HD-40L 40 L (10 gal) Pail

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet


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