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MG Chemicals Acrylic Conformal Coating is IPC-CC-830B and UL 94-V0 certified, fast drying, xylene and toluene free. It is easy to use and does not require special or costly equipment to apply. It is ideal for non-automated production environments and MRO operations, where high productivity is desired. It also has a low VOC content and may be suitable in applications where VOC regulations are a concern.

This coating protects electric circuits against moisture, dirt, dust, and thermal shocks that could corrode, short circuit, or otherwise damage the electric components. It insulates against high-voltage arcing, shorts, static discharges, and allows traces to be put closer together helping with miniaturization.


Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
419C-55ML 55 mL (1.9 fl oz) Liquid
419C-340G 200 mL (7.2 oz) Aerosol
419C-1L 950 mL (1 qt) Liquid
419C-4L 3.8 L (1 gal) Liquid
419C-20L 19 L (5 gal) Liquid
Features Applications
  • Certified UL 94V-0 (File # E203094)
  • Externally Qualified to IPC-CC-830B by Pacific Testing Laboratories
  • Super fast cure—tack free in about 3 min; full cure in < 30 min at 65 °C [149 °F]
  • East to use and apply, available in liquid and aerosol
  • Protects electronics from moisture, corrosion, fungus, and static discharges
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants—free of toluene and xylene
  • Low VOC content
  • Easy to inspect—fluoresces under UV light
  • Service temperature range -40°C to +125°C
  • Easy rework and repairs—can solder through
  • Removable with Cat. No. 8312 (liquid) Conformal Coating Stripper
  • Printed Circuit boards
  • LED Boards
  • Electric generators, motors and transformers
  • Relays
  • Automotive air bag controllers
  • Cell phones and Computer tablets components
  • Avionics

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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