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Contact Cleaners

In the course of their life cycle, contacts, connectors and controls are exposed to a wide variety of contaminants, get corroded and wear out, causing their connectivity to weaken and alter the performance of the electronics equipment they serve.

MG Chemicals contact cleaners are specifically formulated to clean, lubricate, and protect these vital components to restore and prolong their conductivity and performance.

Nu-Trol Control Cleaner has a unique blend of high purity solvent and special lubricating oil is perfect for cleaning and lubricating moving parts in electronics.

Improves conductivity on all metals, reduces contact scrubbing, flammable, safe on plastics.

Contains a unique blend of high purity solvents and electronic grade silicones. Safe on plastics and elastomers. Non-conductive.

Use when requiring a contact cleaner with lubrication that offers long-term protection from oxidation. Reduces contact scrubbing and reduces connection wear and abrasion failures.

Non-conductive, extremely flammable, safe on plastics, fast dry time, low cost, zero residue.