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Burlington, Ontario – October 18, 2016 - MG Chemicals is currently participating in the Edge-Group Annual Fall Conference. It is the perfect venture to meet with the 140 independent distributors across North America, members of the group, and present the latest solutions available to their clients to help them achieve better performances in their daily activities. 

The world of electronics manufacturing, maintenance and repair is in constant evolution and helping our distribution channel partners offer the right products, at competitive prices, is at the heart of MG Chemicals foundation. By staying in touch with Edge-Group members, we aim at keeping them aware of all the products we develop, year after year, to overcome the complex challenges of today's electronics components technology.

This event also offers their distributors/members an opportunity to discuss the new challenges their clients face and provide details that will lead to future product development. 

MG Chemicals is proud to be part of the Edge-Group and appreciate their marketing efforts in promoting our products to their existing clients while expanding our visibility to new markets and contributing to our growth.  By partnering with this group of professional independent distributors across North America, we benefit from a large source of industry experts’ knowledge and experience, to constantly stay on top of the numerous technological factors that require new and/or improved solutions.

For more information: contact Jean Lapointe, Marketing Coordinator, at 1-800-0072 ext. 1042 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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